The structure of the Unacone collar is the embodiment of classics and new technological and design solutions

Construction and Materials

UNAcone has the parameters of the well-known and most commonly used models of the Elizabethan collar for animals, but also its own specific features.We use the high quality materials for production.
Easily put on and take off the collar in one swipe.
In the case of performing medical procedures, grooming, bathing, you can also bend the different parts of the collar to provide the best access
For a more comfortable fit, you can also shorten the length by folding the top


Popular synthetic fabrics, indispensable in the production of casual and sportswear, equipment for recreation and tourism, in the furniture and construction industries.The fabric is distinguished by a special way of weaving threads, which is called “matting”. As a result of weaving, a fabric is obtained, consisting of convex squares arranged in a checkerboard pattern. The surface treatment of the material with polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride ensures high tightness of Oxford products.


Textured synthetic fabric of dense plain weave, consisting of 100% polyester. Durable and lightweight fabric treated with a water-repellent compound is widely used in the production of winter and demi-season outerwear, sports and ski suits.Dewspo products provide excellent protection from wind and rain. The fabric almost does not get wet - water drops easily roll off the surface of a raincoat or jacket. Air permeability and low weight are important qualities; dewspo belongs to lightweight materials.


Modern insulation for clothes, developed in accordance with a patented innovative technology.The high heat protection rates of thin slimtex insulation are achieved due to the special microporous structure of the fiber, it allows air to pass through well and does not absorb moisture. The thin slimtex completely retains its thermal properties and does not constrain physical activity. Heat-shielding characteristics allow it to withstand low temperatures down to -30 ° C. The period of use of the insulation is limited only by the operational capabilities of the upper fabric.