Elizabethan collar UNAcone is a protective device that is designed to prevent undesirable mechanical impact of a pet on problem areas in the postoperative period, during the use of external drugs, during treatment against fleas and ticks. Its design contains 6 or more flexible sections, which are connected at the bottom, forming a truncated cone. The light and soft material of the body does not absorb moisture and dries quickly, so it can be used while swimming to avoid water getting into the ears and eyes of the animal. Does not require special assembly, is attached to the animal's neck using a built-in collar with a lock. If the animal is accustomed to "its" collar, then you can thread it through the loops. Suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds. Available in 7 basic sizes + 1 size for Pugs and French Bulldogs and different colors.

Scope of application

In veterinary medicine: 1.In the postoperative period, in order to avoid licking and / or scratching the wound. 2.Indispensable for eye surgery, for the correction of auricles and cartilage. 3.When carrying out a routine inspection, various manipulations. 4.When treating against parasites in order to avoid getting the drug in the eyes.

In grooming: 1.To correct behavior, to ensure the continuity of the process. 2.When bathing, trimming nails, cleaning glands, etc. 3.After grooming to avoid scratching / licking.

Home use: 1.Training, behavior correction 2.Bathing to avoid water getting into ears, nose and eyes 3.Treatment for parasites.